I hate to put this question on here but I don’t know where else to go.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year. I’ve been reading those 50 Shades books and would like to try it in the “back door”.

The problem is that my boyfriend is an arachnaphobic (he’s afraid of spiders) and he said that my “brown star” resembles a spider too much for him to do it – specifically a brown recluse spider. I said that having sex with a brown recluse spider will help him get over his fear, but he won’t do it to me.

I was thinking of going around the yard to catch spiders in a jar (we have these really big funnel web spiders everywhere). If I keep spiders all over the house in jars, all the time, maybe he will be desensitized to his fear and finally clean out my pipes.

Any other ideas?


Allie: You should be ashamed of posting this question on here or even speaking to anyone about it. You are actually considering literally petrifying your boyfriend just so he can get over his fear so that you can get something you want out of the whole situation!

Malkiin: There is no way this can be seriouse. Im not trying to be rude but if this is actually a real question than catching spiders and all that nonsense isn’t going to do anything. If you have to beg your own boyfriend to do what you are asking him, I would seriously question his maturity to the pint where it is almost mind boggling.

Finwie: I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh at this. Having sex with a spider? What?First off. I wouldn’t recommend trying stuff just because you’ve read it in a badly written book that has probably glamorized the whole thing. Secondly: if he’s not interesting in curing his phobia you shouldn’t force it on him. He’ll only be hurt. So talk to him about it.

daniel g: First, unless your mate is ready to deal with his fear, rapidly subjecting him to spiders, could backfire. If he were to reach a state of panic, this will only make his fear worse. Drug stores sell a handy little gadget that might help you, It is called a ‘band-aid’. this should disguise your tat well enough for him to accept. Masking cosmetics may be another alternative.

Noname: Just cover up the tattoo