So this morning I noticed that my son’s turtle was dead in his tank. I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t notice. He went out to a birthday party about an hour ago and so I wanted to have a good look at this turtle.

Basically I wanted to see what its body looked like inside the shell. So I held the shell in one hand and pulled the head with my other and the thing wouldn’t come out. So I figured maybe it’s bloated in there because it’s been dead for like 8 hours or something. So I put it in our vice and got pliers and pulled it’s head in the pliers.

Okay? Well let’s just say that the turtle’s shell and head are now severely damaged. Its neck is stretched out and partially torn. (Even with the pliers I couldn’t get him out of his shell).

I have an hour and 15 minutes before my son gets home. Please tell me how to get this thing out – I’d like to post pics of his little body but I don’t want my son to see his turtle like this.


Varanama…:You cannot just pull it out of the shell as the internal organs and skin are firmly attached to the bone under the shell. You would have to cut the shell around the middle on both sides to open up and remove the plastron shell and then scoop out the contents with a spoon if you intend to save the shell.

sixteen: Aw, well if your being serious
-You could either call a vet & explain?
-Accept that he has passed away and bury him/give him to the vet’s to dispose him
-Wait until your son gets home & explain
-Dispose him yourself
Either way, your going to have to explain this to your son,
Good luck though!
RIP, sorry for your loss x

Justin: It could have just been sleeping, most turtles tend to be shy also….. and using tools to pry it out to check it, thats animal cruelty… you shouldnt have a pet if you dont know how to take care of it. you should be reported to animal control…. sorry thats just how i feel

matt: Hahahahaha ur awesome but sorry I’m pretty sure it’s like attached to the shell

Kax: Why would you.. I don’t even.. Just bury the damn thing instead of mutilating it.