A few weeks ago a feud developed between myself and my neighbor. He was trying to date my daughter, which needless to say is completely out of the question. After a few weeks of this he said to just bygones be bygones and that we should stop bickering. It’s easy to say that when you are still dating my daughter. So I played along and I invited him over for dinner. I was serving fried chicken.

Well make a long story short I deep fried the chicken in motor oil and served it to him and said “eat this!” Obviously he didn’t eat the chicken. Instead he took the chicken and threw it down on my rug and stepped on it, squeezing all the oil into my rug fibers. Then he took the platter itself and threw it through the window.

Do you think I can sue him or do you think the fact that I tried to feed him motor oil chicken will endear him to the judge?


COLIN: You tried to kill him you stupid ****. Of course you cant sue him for dating your daughter, but he can sue you for attempted murder.

Randy: WTF kind of world do you live in.

pmt853: Deep fried troll. Hmmmmmmm.

Ministry of Propaganda: No you cannot sue him because you tried to poison him with tainted food. You can try and sue him which would only serve to aggravate him. Once angered, he has every right to press criminal charges against you. What do you think he’s going to do to your daughter when you’re in jail. Carry On!

womanswo…: Sue him for what?? Going out with your daughter? Not a crime unless she is underage. What is it with you yanks and suing people for goodness sake

mnwomen: I think this whole story is lame and not in the least bit funny.