Last night my boyfriend and I got a little bit trashed and when we were fooling around he wanted to have sex without a condom. So we put a rubber band really tightly around his scrotum to stop any sperm from coming out.

He didn’t take the rubber band off because he passed out afterward. Now he’s in the bathroom crying and screaming and saying that his balls are really big and purple and he won’t let me in!

Please help, I don’t know what to do!!!!


Trevor: Kick the door down and cut that thing off. His nuts are at stake and a man’s sandbags are one of the only things he will have that stays that close to the stick as possible

Curt Bryan: Ok first this is not going to keep the sperm that is already in the system from comming out so this was a bad idea. When a guy has a vasectomy where they cut the vas deferance to stop the sperm from comming out after the surgery he needs to ejaculate 30- 40 times to clear the sperm out of his system. SO the rubber band only probably put some kind of S&M enhancement into the sex act. What has happend is that his balls have had the blood circulation cut off depending on the tightness of the rubber band he needs to get it off NOW! it may need to be cut off with a pair of scissiors that is where you come in and help him out because he will not be able to do it. There is a sex tool called a Co_K Ring it is made of silicone or metal and you put it over the penis and balls to keep you harder longer they only recommed you keep it on for no longer than 30- 45 minutes because it reduces circulation. get in there and help him get it off and do not do this again condoms or the pill or other prescription contraceptives are the only way you are going to protect yourself

MrSunshi…: That was a really lame decision. But don’t panic just turn on the heater in your room above 40 degree Celsius(104 Fahrenheit), at this temperature the Scrotum will get down as it needs to stay in a particular temperature(35-36 degree Celsius) to generate sperms, there will be sweating also which’ll help as a lubricant to pull the rubber out. OR Just cut the rubber with a blade carefully.

Ryan: Step 1) remove rubber band.
Step 2) re-evaluate your decision to do something stupid like that.
Step 3) get him a beer and a sandwhich
Step 4) if by the time you have done the above steps he’s still crying. call him a ***** and then go to the hospital.
Step 5) buy a bunch of condoms so that you never do that again.
Step 6) marry this guy because if he let you do that to him then he will let you do anything to him

nuggetma…: This made me cringe. Give them up to ten minutes to return to normal. I would suggest moving them and working them, trying to get the blood back in them, but don’t work them too ruff. Go to the ER after that. IF the color doesn’t return to normal, or he starts feeling light-headed and they continue to swell, he might have internal bleeding.

TJ T: 1. The rubber band on the ball will not stop the sperm from getting in you. They are already in ‘storage’
2. Give it few mins for the blood to start moving again, If after 5 min or so they don’t start to return to normal color, head to the ER.

praveen: His balls might have inflammation. Now that he has to take rest for 2-4 days. If the imflamtion is more probably he may be required to take antibiotics also. Tieing round the scrotum will not serve the purpose of preventing sperms from penis.

Chicky: the next time around dont do that for it can produce cancer to a man and using that can lead to death for the blood and his organ cant breathe enough and lack of air to flow in

Cody: Well thats a good way of never having babies ever thats what farmers do to goats to remove there balls but i would just tell him to jerk his gerkin

MNTO VVE: I think both of you should have payed more attention in sex ed.