I’m engaged, and I ran into my ex-boyfriend’s mom at the store. She was really upset when we broke up and said that I had true love and threw it all away. So when I bumped into her, she went crazy and said that I was the queen of slime, the queen of filth, the queen of putrescence. Then she started booing me and said that I was rubbish, filth, slime and muck – all because I’m marrying someone else while her son is still free. 

She even had the nerve to start harassing the other people in the store and telling them to bow to me – the “Queen” of all these horrible things. It was total public humiliation.

So what is putrescence anyway?


Nolan: well if I would of saw that childish pathetic display I would have thought she was the one humiliating herself, not you, and the word you asked about, look it up

Brodie: You should of spat on her
She deserved it.

ChelsBab: Idk what that is. But i wouldve said “***** be gone, You bald headed *** peasant” . She needs to grow up.

Naomi: Are u just copying this from the princess bride by any chance.