I was taking my temperature rectally and I lost the thermometer. What is the best way to get this thing out? I didn’t use any lube to put it in (didn’t bring any with me), so it’s not like I can stick all my fingers in there to pull it out. I’m trying to poop it out now but it’s just not coming.

Please hurry, I’m in the bathroom of a very fancy restaurant with a guy I just started dating. I don’t want him to find this surprise when we go back to his apartment.

Should I keep trying to get it out now or do you think I should try to keep it in until later tonight? Also, it is glass – if I keep it in, can it break and leak mercury inside of me? How do I get it out!? HURRY!!!


Dr.P.Sn….: Whats Really going on, why did u go to the bathroom with a thermometer , and that too trying to measure rectal temperature in an Restaurant, Any try going for an Enema Immediately , Its dangerous when u have a glass in the rectum, If not rush to a surgeon to get removed using a Proctoscope.

Mary Contrary: Call 911. The paramedics will help you, and then have a huge laugh about it.