So there is this feral cat that hangs around my house that I feed everyday, but it won’t let me pet it. So I wanted to make it a house cat and I couldn’t catch it or touch it. Whenever I tried to grab it the thing goes crazy – either running away or if I corner it then it hisses and tries to attack me.

I didn’t have one of those wire traps so I made my own trap out of a bunch of 16 overlapping glue traps and I left it out on my porch with food near it. Well, let’s just say I finally caught the cat. It’s rolling all over the place trying to get these things off and all this other stuff is getting stuck to it (dirt, leaves, sticks, etc)

Anyway, now that it’s stuck to the traps I tried to take it inside but he was madder than ever before! I am bleeding now from trying to pick it up. The cat has been flopping around my yard getting more and more stuck. I managed to sweep it into my garage with a push broom and it attacked the broom. I’m afraid to touch this cat now since he’s so mad at me.

How to I get all of these glue traps off and make it a pet?


┬áHeidi: Feral cats usually can’t be domesticated. What is wrong with you? Leave the thing alone and let it be free. If it wanted to be kept as a house cat then it would obviously come to you. Your are bordering on the edge of animal cruelty and should be reported. I hope the cat scratches your eyes out for being so mean to it. If you want a cat then go the pound and rescue one from being put to sleep. On second thought, don’t. Leave all cats alone.

Jeanette: I’d suggest calling a vet, with information about the ingredients in the glue traps. They may be able to tell you about a safe way to remove them. I believe you may have made a long term enemy. Patience MAY let the cat forgive and forget, but it’s likely to take a LONG time.

milkweed…: you might have hads good intentions..but you have basically done him a bad deed..I would get some relaxer at walmart and put some food out and get him to eat it…then I would get some oilive oil and smear it where the traps are….this poor cat is going to be midserable now because the trap will get tighter and tighter and really hurt him….if you ahve some sleeping pills..I would give him a 1/4th pill in his food….and when he starts to sleep…put a towell on him and wrap him up and goo him up with oil so you can peel the traps off…that was probably the worse thing you could have done…..and he will probably never come back when he is off the things….I dont under stand how you could have done this to this poor cat… the vet…………….tell him about this and ask what can be done…………if you leave him that way much longer…his fur will rip off….do soemthing