I was eating dinner at my husbands family’s house, and his mother forgot to put out the napkins. When she realized that she had made the mistake, I jokingly said “Oh my, the whole dinner is ruined.” She then burst into tears and threw me out. As I was leaving she threw a dinner plate at my car and screamed “Here’s a bite for the road!” While driving home she called my cell phone and apologized for her outburst and offered to have us over for dinner again…

Well the second time I went over I thought it would be funny to bring my own napkins with me, as a joke. And when she saw them she burst out crying hysterically and threw me out again. Well, the real problem is that now she won’t give my nice cloth napkins back and Easter is coming up. I had my heart set on using them! Please don’t tell me to go out and buy new napkins, that is just out of the question. All I care about are my cloths – not her. What should I do?!

Period: woah…that lady clearly has issues…

PetroGuy: Send your husband over to retrieve them. It’s his responsibility to retrieve your family property from your mother-in-law’s house. Second of all, he might wish to convince the rest of his side of the family to have Mom seek psychological or psychiatric assistance. She may have some mental health issues that need resolving.

I39: Well, actually you really should go out and buy some new ones. She probably threw them away. Maybe what you should really care about is your husband. He must be so ashamed of the women in his life acting so ridiculous.

Yeah: You should tell her to calm down. I hope you learned a lesson to not joke about anything to do with dinner. She sounds insecure as it is. Go over there, and get them. Don’t be mean, but firm.

iPod Person: Ask ur husband if he can tell his mother if she can please return the cloths. But remember tell him to ask nicley

scoutma5…: Get your husband to collect them.

?: tell your husband to get them