My parents are away and I’m babysitting their cat who is 18 years old. The cat died. So I decided to cremate the cat for them to save them the cost, and I put it in the oven on the “clean” setting because I believe that is the hottest.

2 hours have gone by – the whole house is full of this indescribable stench and smoke. I opened up the windows and turned on the fans and it’s not helping. Okay? So I looked into the oven and I saw the cats belly kind of moving up and down. It looks like the belly ruptured and it’s oozing/bubbling some kind of liquid all over the bottom of the oven and it’s burning down there.

But the cat is NOT disintegrating like it’s supposed to. How long does this take?! The house is getting really hot and it stinks, I am telling you.

Ok I know I probably shouldn’t have done that but now I’m stuck. I need to know how to make the cat disintegrate and clean this oven up and get rid of the smell before my parents get home tomorrow morning. Please help!?!?


Izzy Ryan: Thats absolutely disgusting and sounds like something a 10 year old would do. I really hope this is a joke.. You should have called the vet or a neighbor or someone to see what they do. Why would you put a dead cat in the oven anyway?? Cremating it or not. That’s just weird. And i hate to tell you but that smell isn’t going away for a very long time.

Catarina: You take a ANIMAL TO A DAMN VET TO GET CREMATED. You just ruined your parents stove , completely and that smell is never going away no matter how hard you try, and that cat, might as well just ******* leave it in the dumpster cause that smell is not gonna go away. Your screwed just letting you know,

allycat: Perhaps you could spoon a tasty gravy over it, plenty salt and pepper. Pity you didn’t defur it first it could have made a nice roast for your parents coming home.

Lena: Where in the world did you come up with such an insanely stupid idea? Are you for real? Common sense tells me you should have called the veterinarian for cremation advice. If they vet did not handle such cremations they would have directed you where to call.

Emma: Please tell me this is a joke!!!!! You can’t be serious?!?!? Ok just incase you are you can NOT cremate an animal in a oven, it doesn’t get anywhere NEAR the temperature you need and it will NEVER break down like a cremation does, all you are doing is cooking it, and boiling any fluids in its body! It will take you months to get rid of the smell of burning flesh in your house and that oven CAN’T EVER BE USED AGAIN for hygiene reasons!!!You need to call your local vet and they arrange a cremation for you! I hope this is a sick joke but if not get help ASAP!!! Plus you NEED to tell your parents about this! Again for hygien reasons!