For the last 3 weeks I have been eating nothing but white rice, white potatoes, white bread and cauliflower, and I am SICK OF IT.

WHEN ARE MY FECES GOING TO TURN WHITE??? I can’t keep doing this forever.


old_lew: Why are you eating white food? If your trying to diet white potatoes, white bread are the worst things you can eat.

~Midnight rain~: ….What the fudge? Who told you your poo would turn white if you only ate white food? 0_o

Tarun: Results will be seen after digest of the white food, tks.

Caitlin: Your crape isn’t going to turn white, but your skin may…

tagishma…: Your feces are not going to turn white And white bread is really bad for you. Whoever told you that is incorrect.

Deadmau5: Go.To.School.