My boyfriend is “heavy” so for our anniversary I thought it would be funny to make him a dessert. I got a big glass bowl and sprayed about 3 cans of redi-whip in the middle. Then I unwrapped dozens of twinkies, ho hos and little debbies and placed them all strategically around the whipped cream and on top. I got one of them disgusting pink sno-ball things to use like a giant cherry.

So I wrapped it up and put it in my car and drove over to his place. He had a nice home cooked meal for me (fried chicken pot pie) so I left his present in my car until after dinner.

After dinner I got it and handed it to him and when he unwrapped it he didn’t burst out laughing like I expected. He was frowning and he kept looking from me to the dessert and back and forth. So I looked at it and found out that all the whipped cream had melted everywhere and the little cakes had sunken into it in a real mess. So I started laughing and said “Sorry about the whipped cream, but I’m sure you’ll still have no trouble enjoying it!” After that he politely ended our date and I went home.

Now he hasn’t spoken to me in 4 days. Ok, I know that it would have been better if the whipped cream hadn’t melted but here we are. I think he’s silly for being mad about a little melted whipped cream. How can I prevent it from melting in the future?


Kay: No Offence, But Do You Really Want To Try It Again After You Upset Him With It?

kj: Well here’s a common known fact: things melt when left in a hot car. Try to remember that next time you’re making an insensitive gift for your overweight bf.

Insert Name: I suspect it is more about how he interpreted the gift than the condition it was in. From a third party view you kind of indicated you think he is a fatass. Which has got to sting if he is even remotely self conscious about his weight. I gave my best friend this cool hand made soap for christmas one year and she didn’t talk to me for 2 weeks because she thought I meant she smelled bad and needed hygiene help. In reality. I just thought it smelled good and she would like it. Wrong.

White Raven: I get the strong feeling it wasn’t about the whipped cream melting. Is it possible he feels insecure about his weight and your dessert made him feel worse? You really should talk to him about why he’s upset, and go from there.