Since yesterday was April Fools Day (my favorite holiday), I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend. So I saved up his semen for 2 weeks (hidden in the refrigerator) and yesterday morning I fried them in butter and told him they were “egg whites”. In case you don’t know, semen cooks up just like eggs (don’t know how they taste though). He ate them and kept saying “these aren’t eggs, what is it?” and I was like “You don’t like them?! 🙁 ” and he said that he did like. Then I said “APRIL FOOLS!!! You ate your own ***!!!” And I laughed at him. Then he got SO MAD and he called me “disgusting” and a “b****” and kicked me out of his apt. I’ve been trying to call and text and he won’t respond. What should I do? Well I’m sorry but he wants ME to eat it all the freaking time!


.I honestly would have said the same thing that was disgusting

AnswersForYou: probably turn yourself into an asylum for the mentally disturbed.

Doctor: Get even and eat semen eggs and let him watch

LEW: Go get some mental health care. If this is true your your sick and need help.

Jamie: Are you surprised?! Really?!

Jay: I think I hear your mom calling you to dinner. Did you finish your homework? Bad troll! Go to your room!

Sue C: What should you do?? I believe you’ve already done it. What a totally disgusting thing to do to anyone, How would you have reacted if he did the same to you?!? Just thinking about it makes me sick. I wouldn’t even attempt to try to contact him. IF he wants to get in touch with you again, he will. Otherwise, I’d just let it go for now. I trust you’ve learned your lesson well…best to you…:)

Troll Master: Eww gross. thats disgusting, what kind of mind do you have? he deserves to call you that….even the c word. it would have been better if you would have given your own fluid. the reaction would be opposite. i think its over he is done with you, that was a very bad prank.

jennifer: Pretty funny. But not cool.

hithere42: Although what you did is pretty out there, I don’t think you’re disgusting or sick. I also think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, if he wants you to eat it he should be willing to lead by example at least once. But many people aren’t like you and George Clooney, and don’t get off on pranking people or (especially) being pranked. Maybe your guy had an especially scarring experience as a child or something. Good luck with this guy, if it doesn’t work out, try asking boyfriends in the future how they feel about pranks and being pranked before you pull shenanigans. Again, good luck to you.

Kizza: Troll