I learned that Row vs Wade goes way way back to the Revolutionary War days, when George Washington (our FIRST president) was trying to figure out the best way to cross the Delaware. I am so sick of liberals always trying to twist history around and make everything a victory of their own.


Nickipettis: the court case was ROE vs WADE, about abortion. nothing to do with G. Washington.

Jaja888: I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic with the Delaware thing or if you just need to talk about liberals for a bit. Care to give some examples of things liberals have stolen? We’re kinda vague right now.

David W: Roe vs. Wade was from like 1973…so I’m not sure who told you it has anything to do with the Revolutionary War. Not trying to “steal everything”…just saying…

Chewy Ivan 2: Ha, ha, ha… you are so punny…

shroud: I hope your a troll it would just be sad if you were serious about this

WiZ: If it was legal since 1776 there would be more fetuses aborted then the 50,000,000 liberals are proudly celebrating which was caused by Roe Vs Wade.

Not actually here: Your mis-spelling proves you don’t really care about it.