My heartburn right now is so bad that I might throw up, and I don’t have any milk or Tums or anything that I can take for it. I know that heartburn is stomach acid, and that a base and an acid balance each other out and become neutral. 

I heard that soap is a base, so I wanted to know what is the best kind to take? I have Dove & Irish Spring, and I also have other things like dish & laundry soap (but I don’t think that’s the same thing right?)

Dove is really known as a “moisture bar” so maybe it’s not really traditional soap – should I just go with the Irish Spring? Please hurry, I really don’t feel good.


 Lil Miss Sunshine: Wait, you want eat soap? Honey, no, just drink plenty of water until the feeling goes away and stay away from acidic foods and soda for a few days. Hope I helped sweet pea!

Nancy: You think you feel bad now…eat or drink soap and you will be REALLY sick. Do not do that.
If you have baking soda, put a teaspoon of it in 1/2 glass of water and drink that. It is an old home remedy for heartburn.