I understand that some dog breeders have to masturbate their dogs to get a sperm specimen in to a collection bag, which is NOT a crime.

But I wanted to know if it was a crime to masturbate a dog even if it’s not for dog breeding purposes, and just for recreational purposes.

Also, since dogs don’t have the same laws as humans (for instance 2 dogs don’t go to jail for having sex in public), then I can’t get in trouble for having done this in public too right?

Is this a case where the ends justify the means?


✥Reality Bites✥: Who in the f*cking hell would stroke or hold their male dogs penis just for the hell of doing it? WTF kinda recreational purpose would justify touching your dogs penis in attempt to get the dog to ejaculate? There is no justification for such a sickening act. If you’re not doing it to collect semen then you should NOT be touching your dogs penis for ANY REASON. WHAT SO EVER unless it is MEDICALLY necessary. You CAN be prosecuted for having sex with animals, and doing such behaviors is often a sign of serious mental decline or perhaps sickening and perverse sexual deviancy.

Smootrie: Why the hell would you want to masturbate your dog for “recreational purposes” in public? Even in private for that matter? That’s sick.

Dakota Dog: If you want to do that to your dog, I suggest you keep it under the bridge unless you want to get carted off for a three day pass to a mental ward of observation.. And yes, you can be arrested for something like that..check decency laws.