I think the best way to prevent all crimes from happening from this moment forward would be to provide a more severe punishment.

I think the best plan would be to surgically remove the skeleton of the guilty party, except for the skull and ribcage. This will allow them to live as “human octopi” and they can repay their debt to society by entertaining people on public television as horror movie props.

We could punish them further by tying their limbs in knots, but I don’t want to get crazy here. Just removing their skeleton would be satisfactory.

I think this is a much better alternative to the death, which find unethical. Who do I write to in order to get something like this initiated?


ZonieGir…: Interesting and sick. So you find death unethical but basically turning someone into a living blob is not. Hmmm. I say promote gun ownership so citizens can protect themselves. That is usually a pretty good deterrent to criminals.

Dr. M: Well assuming you are joking about the skeleton thing, bigger penalties tend not to have too much effect on crime. The reason is because for most petty crimes, you would never be able to get away with exceptionally severe punishments and with more heinous crimes you probably could but the forces driving people to commit such a crime are often so high that even death is not a good enough deterrent.

Lt Col USAFR: Not brilliant at all. In England they used to hang children for petty theft. Oddly enough, children still stole from shops. Your idea would not work, history proves it. Besides it violates the 8th amendment.

Memphis: I like it a lot. How about just taking their brains out and keeping the brain alive with a heart lung machine. They would be fully awake, but have no body connected to their brain. Now that’s what I call corrective custody.

Pearl L: bad idea, this is the kind of stuff hitler did