I just moved to the neighborhood and one of my new neighbors (middle aged, single woman) invited us over for dessert after dinner.

When we got there we could smell the fresh baked pie – it smelled delicious.

BUT, when she cut into it we were SHOCKED. The pie was full of rubberbands mixed with some kind of fruit jelly or something (not nearly enough to hide or even mask the rubberbands).

My husband and I looked at each other and we didn’t know how to respond. We (hesitantly) nibbled on a little bit of the crust, we made our excuses and left.

So I talked to two of my other neighbors and asked about this woman and mentioned the strange dessert, and they looked at ME like I was the crazy one!!!!!!!! They said I was a rude guest to say negative things about a homemade dessert and that if anyone in the neighborhood had mental problems, it was NOT the woman who fed me the rubberbands.

What am I going to do about these neighbors? This whole town is crazy. Is this actually a dessert somewhere? Has anyone ever heard this???

ladydi: …..ask her for another one….and tell her to “make it snappy!”…;).

NonChris: Lol, Really? You should seen if you can get yourself invited over for dinner again only this time take a piece of rubber band pie home to use as evidence to get her into an insane asylum. Could it possibly be her messed up way of saying she doesn’t like you? I mean who makes rubber band pie? honestly…

mark: No, it is not a dessert anywhere. Either the lady is loonie or a bowl of rubberbands fell into her filling.