I was recently making out with my husband. And we were getting hot and heavy. Well… I bit down on his neck, and I didn’t see it there at the time, but I accidentally popped a zit into my mouth! I am really worried that now the my body’s own natural defenses are going to go to war with his white blood cells because of this invasion. So I guess what I am asking is if we have unprotected sex, will I go into anaphylactic shock? And if I do, would it be bad if he just continued anyway?

Andrew G.: A zit is essentially a blockage of the pore. This results in the blockage of sebum, a natural oil made ot protect our skin and hair. This oil builds up and your body mistakes it for an infection and white blood cells attack, creating a white fluid known as pus. This pus is mainly oil and white blood cells. When this is ingested, it is almost always destroyed by the stomach fluid. There is no chance of infection.

syl c.: The acidity in the stomach kills any bacteria you may have swallowed including if you had swallowed the AIDS virus. Now if you had injected it or had sex with it that may be a different subject all together but you have nothing to worry about other than making sure you clean your husband’s neck with alcohol in order to prevent any bacteria your mouth may have transmitted to an open wound in his neck. You know our mouths are full of bacteria that’s why we should all rinse with Listerine or other antiseptics. Good luck.

Weise Ente: No. Pus is largely dead immune cells. Your stomach kills nearly everything. Additionally you generally don’t induce an immune response to anything you eat.