My husband welded this damn thing onto me when he left for Afghanistan. (He’s a welder by trade).

There are so many reasons why I just can’t take it anymore. How do I get this damn thing off me?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

QUICK-Q: Hahahahahaha, I really hope you’re kidding me. But if not, that really sucks. I hope he optimized his procedure to reduce the spatter before welding them on you. I have no clue how he would have achieved this without burning you, unless there are hinges and a lock. If there is a lock and hinges I would get a bolt cutter, simple painless If actually welded on to you while wearing it. I would suggest the you get a metal hand grinder, find appropriate welds that need to be grinded off for disassembling, and giver. Maybe, get some *** less chaps and put them on so you don’t get burnt by the sparks. Remember to wear safety glasses and earplugs. Safety first!!

Anonymou…: I’m sorry ma’am but we are going to need pictures to identify the metal and how the thing has been welded.

Gracie H: liar.

mariachi: This question is so awkward.

kapin krunchy: LOL, are you serious?

boob tester: obviously he doesnt trust you..does he..???

AintMyBlood: Lol. Why take it off? Thats hawwwwt!

annie<3: you should just kill yourself now , that thing aint never coming off