I am at a big karate tournament and we are betting on who will win the next fight. It is a 6 year old boy vs. a 22 year old adult dwarf. The child has better karate skills, but I think the dwarf is stronger and will use that to his advantage.

Who should I bet on?

jay j: the dwarf, they have magic powers.

?: I would bet on a draw or bet on both. Depending on the odds you are bound to go away with some cash. But saying that, the dwarf doesnt have the flexibilty that a 6 year old does. Hmmmm. What a wierd tournament you are at. Are you sure its legal lol

Christina Catastrophe: it really depends on who has a higher belt level: the 22 year old dwarf may be stronger but the child migth be faster? it really depends.

Phetiash: XD ure kidding me right? The dwarf im sorry to say but in that age diffrence comeon dont even ask that question its so obvious.

Kaden: Karate kid will mop the floor with the dwarf.

#1 laker Hater: lol I hope you not foreal