How come I don’t hear sloshing soundd?

Sierra S: i hear it in my stomach sometimes

Poyzin: it’s more like 60 to 62% water. but still, you don’t hear water because the water is trapped inside cells and blood. It’s kinda of like the water in a damp sponge. U can tell there’s lots of water in there, but it’s not sloshing around in the sponge either, right?

Grey E: interesting question. lol. most of that water is made up of the cytoplasm of the 8234705982340987234509823749082349087723… cells that makes you up. no sloshing, sorry.

Jacqueli…: 70% actually but I don’t hear anything either!! D=

Keyla: Because humans are only made of 70% water 😉

Ms. Tori: lol how come you don’t hear sloshing sound in your blood? or your bones moving?