I noticed when I peed today it hurt a little, and there appeared to be tiny crystals in my urine. I haven’t been eating anything that could possibly have crystals in it (like sand or dirt), so I’m not sure how they got there. Maybe there was something in the mineral water I drank, since there are minerals in it?

Anyways, if I were to collect the crystals and gathered up about a pound of them (this will take a long time since they are so small) — how much do you think they are worth? This is all assuming that they are in perfect condition of course.

In the meantime I will make sure to continue drinking mineral water. Thanks.

brokenwi…: They aren’t worth anything. They might be kidney stones.

Chauncy Gardener: The crystals are precursors to kidney stones. (Drinking high calcium mineral water might just make it worse!) They are esentially worthless, maybe a penny or two to a scientist though. These crystals arent “cool” by any means unless you like abdominal pain and problem urination!! Simply drinking cranberry juice (the natural stuff not the shitty fructose corn syrup stuff) might fix this problem. You might simply be ingesting too much dairy—-something to think about.

tally: This condition is called crystalluria. You don’t have crystals in your urine because you ate them, they form from chemicals in the blood that are excreted in the urine, and are present in such high saturation that they sediment out. However if you have been eating a lot of purines (found in meat and meat products especially organs) you may in some circumstances cause uric acid crystals to form in your urine if it is very acidic. The condition is usually completely benign, but some types of crystalluria can be associated with underlying malignancy. It would be wise to go to your doctor with a sample of your urine for testing. Crystalluria can also be a risk factor for developing kidney stones, but it doesn’t mean you definitely will or that you already have them.