I work part time as a waitress in a coffeeshop. Yesterday a homeless man came in to use our restrooms and stayed in there for 20+ minutes. When he finally left, such a trail of filth and stench followed him out that my co-worker vomited on the floor.

Guess who was stuck cleaning it up?! ME!!! Why, you ask? Well, because I didn’t gag. I said I didn’t want to, and that it wasn’t part of my job description and that one of the illegal Mexican busboys should do it. But no, they forced me and threatened to fire me.

I am traumatized by this experience and I think there’s a possibility I may have caught diseases from all this yuck exposure.

What revenge can I take? Suing them has crossed my mind, but I’m also tempted to vandalize the coffeeshop now with dog **** or something. How much money can I get out of this?

Fred F: Please go and crawl back into your hole you moron.

Justin T: Go ahead and sue, but you won’t win. Sorry to say but bathroom clean up is under every employees description for said establishment, unless they have a regular maintenence department. Ie, Coffee shops/fast foods, it is generally up to some poor sole working there and can be anyone. Secondly, if it was so traumatic then you should have refused and let them fire you if they wanted as if you Sue or do any of the revenge factors you will get fired anyway.

Jan: Sorry,clean up is in every employees job description. Why should one of the “Mexican” busboys do it,are they beneath you? Please don’t have any children. You clean up poo and vomit all the time with kids. You can sue,but you will get laughed out of court and owe a ton of money for the pleasure. Sounds like you are about 12 years old. Time to grow up.

kaina: You can sue- and not win- but it wont do anything but ruin your reputation and no one else will employee you in the future. Any disease you may have I am sure you had prior to this experience. Stop being suck an ENTITLED BRAT and go to work and be happy you have a job. If you want revenge go find another job.

acidBURN: Well, you will have to prove you were “traumatized.” Do you have a psychiatrist who will attest to your so-called trauma? YOu can’t just tell a judge/jury “I’m traumatized and deserve money.” While our legal system is screwed up, it isn’t THAT stupid that it will allow taking your silly claim for money without proof that you deserve the money.

smtsr195…: jobs are scarce do what u have to do to keep your job.dont think theres a lawyer who would take your case.only way is if you were hospitalized because of the incident good luck

mnwomen: Get over it. You cannot sue for a possibility. You could quit if you are so traumatized.

Ben M: Why would you sue? We all have done things that were not specifically in our job contracts. It is one of those implied tasks that come with any job. Like if I were a plumber. The job is to install pipes into new homes, but the reality is that the plumber is going to occasionally go to older homes and repair pipes. Also if you valdalize the shop you can get arrested and sued by the company (I know I would sue you if you valdalized my shop) and what would be even more ironic is if you valdalized the shop and the owner told you to clean it up or be fired. haha

Quizzard: So, if I get this straight, you are better than the ‘illegal Mexican busboys?’ Must be nice to be a superior sort of being. Somebody had to clean up the mess, you drew the short straw. You showed integrity by doing it, and now you want to throw that away by bitching and complaining, and SUING? You can’t sue, they did not force you to do anything illegal, they just made you clean the floor, a normal and necessary part of the business (albeit much more than normal). You did have the option of saying no, and walking out. If you think you were exposed to disease, you should have been wearing rubber gloves. Trust me, the cleaning materials used in most restaurants are easily able to deal with any potential germs, that’s what they are for. As for the stupid idea of vandalizing your workplace, that will not only get you fired, it will get you charged. In jail, you can see things like that restroom every day. Enjoy.