Could I squeeze and pop a hemorroid like a zit? Will that end the itchy suffering and give relief?

lkatch: I suggest you pop it…it’ll feel way better afterwards. Actually have a friend pop it..i hear it is a good bond making experience.

donotbuy…: No. Well, it might end your suffering, as a hemorrhoid is a blood vessel with a weakened wall, so if you pop it, you’ll bleed profusely, possibly to death. You need to have them surgically removed, which can be done in a physician’s office.

Anama: Geesh, NO! Hemorrhoids are a very common medical problem. They are small veins around the rectum and anus that have become varicose – dilated and swollen. Hemorrhoids may become inflamed, develop small blood clots or even cause minor bleeding. You need medication, messing with it will only cause MORE problems.

Jessica H: NO do not pop it……. the best treatment for hemorroids is “tea tree oil”….. all those creams are garbage… .and expensive…. just buy some pure tea tree oil and use it when you have a flare up… it will take the itch away immediately and help the swelling go down.

AAron: If you popped it, what do you think would come out? No, you shouldn’t do this, you’ll replace itchiness with horrendous pain ad infection. Imagine an open wound down there, getting rubbed constantly, sweated into, etc. PREPERATION-H!

deonejua…: Can you fast for 3 weeks? Clean wounds take 3 weeks to assimilate back into flesh. Hemoroids are also rich in blood. If you’re determined, it sounds like quite a show.

sodapopā™„: I’m sure it’s possible but you wouldn’t want to do that. A hemorrhoid is a swollen blood vessel. Talk to your doctor if it’s bothering you.