I have to get one of my valves replaced in my heart in a few months (most likely).

They were talking about using one from a pig or a monkey. I am having issues with using a pig valve though, because I like to eat pork. If I have a pig valve installed and then go ahead and continue to eat pork I will feel like I am eating my own kin.

So, should I get a monkey valve in my heart so I can continue eating pork, or should I get a pig valve and then start eating monkey?

Also, please consider the price per pound of pork vs. monkey…

Calvi: I have a monkey mitral valve, and I still continue to eat both monkey and pork. And, ever since my valve replacement, I get cravings for kangaroo and diesel exhaust. Either way, you’re circling the drain, so live it up to the best of your ability. 🙂

Johnpet: hope you are not a muslim.

mixtape7…:get what ever is faster…?