Mine was when I went to the movies with this older boy, we were sharing the popcorn and when I reached in, I noticed something really strange.
His weenie was in the popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He put in through a hole in the bottom!!!
Since it kind of scared me I screamed a little, and he said he was sorry but he just wanted me to touch it.
I felt really cool that day.


Edward D: um ew, thats not romantic thats gross, for me it was me and my girlfriend sharing a blanket and holding each other close to stay warm, and then we kissed for what felt like and extremely long time

Fairyx ♥ Superman: EWWW! That’s scary and nasty. . .Mine was. . .hmm. .I have NO idea O_O =[Just being with my bf is amazingg. . ahh I love him so much and I am sorry that your boy is a creep like that! Next time be careful! =S