SOMEONE (I will not say who), made a massive turd in my toilet, just in time for the open house.

My realtor said that people were walking out of the bathroom either a) laughing or b) making an upset face. I guess it stank in there too.

The realtor did not go in there and clean up the feces. Nobody placed an offer on my house. Should I fire my realtor? Can I sue her for not taking action against this work of the devil?

Hector: Work of the devil? Fire your realtor?
1) the devil did not crap in your toilet, blame the person that crapped in it.
2) Your realtor is just that, your realtor, She is there to promote the sale of your home, not to look for turds in the toilet, it is your responsibility if you want to sell this home to make sure it is as attractive as possible to the buyer prior to walk thru.
You paint, clean, make sure smells are attractive. You said this was an open house, how about an open window??

Obamas Shoes: Wow. You can’t be serious. You actually expected your realtor to drop everything to clean a toilet for you? Why weren’t YOU there to clean YOUR house? You should apologize to the realtor for having her show the house in the condition it was in, not the other way around. By the way, that was me. Had a big burrito the night before.

Use Your Noodle: OMG that is so funny! LOL