Are Moon Crickets something I can get at Petco or other normal pet store? Thanks.

Dion J: Boy did you ever get bad advice! “Moon Crickets” are black people (although I have never been called a moon cricket, personally). Here is a link to a site dedicated to Garter snake care- read the feeding section carefully. When I used to keep garter snakes, I usually got them to eat small mice. Earthworms are good too. Be careful with fish- read the link.

rubyshoe…: Yes I think the general consensus is they don’t eat any sort of cricket ! In the wild garters would eat fish, and you can feed these, but you also need to give a vitamin B supplement as they can become deficient in it which can eventually kill them by causing brain damage. It’s what happened to my poor girl.
Alternatively there are always mice which most will readily take, garters will eat anything.

madsnake…: Garter snakes DO NOT eat crickets. In the wild, they primarily eat fish and frogs, and will also eat worms. In captivity, you can get them to eat rodents, often with the use of scenting. But they do not eat insects. By the way, a “moon cricket” is not an insect, but a racial slur. no! you need to go to the moon to get them, silly.