This nurse I know who works in OBGYN was helping the doctor with a delivery. They got into such an argument afterward that they doctor took the severed umbilical cord and squirted the nurse in the face with blood.

I wish I had been there with a camera. Now she wants to sue him, do you think she has a case?

Jigi: I don’t know if she would have a civil case. I mean, after all, was she harmed? I am sure she could press charges for assault though.

Lucy in the Sky…: Um, yes?? He took some woman’s umbilical cord and squirted someone in the face with it! That is disgusting and horrendous behavior and is harassment. I can’t even believe this is real. First off, it was unprofessional to have an argument during someone’s delivery, and also unprofessional for him to abuse her like that during someone’s delivery. You sicken me.

Ellie: Both the nurse and the mom of the newborn can sue him. He humiliated the nurse and was completely out of line – I mean, what kind of doctor does such a thing? The umbilical cord technically belongs to the patient and using it to revenge the nurse is insulting and illegal.

nursefor…: YES, not only a civil case but a criminal case. She should report the doctor to the local police department, the health department, and the hospital where he has privileges, and OSHA.

~: She definitely has a case, but I don’t understand why it’s hilarious.