I thought it would be funny to put a CLEAN sanitary napkin into the coffee filter at work. Then after a while it would come out brown, and people would be horrified! Can you think of anything more hilarious than that???

Anyway, on Monday I have to have a meeting with HR now because of my harmless antics. What should I say? Do you think they will accept my “apology” even if I can’t stop laughing?

?: say “**** yo n*gga *** *****!!!!”

Hawaiian…: I think before you say anything, you need to shift your attitude. From the way you posed the question, it seems as if you still think the prank was harmless and hilarious. That’s not going to get you out of hot water with H.R. Aside from getting out of hot water, consider how the people who drank that coffee must have felt when they found out it went through a sanitary napkin. It probably made a lot of them nauseous. And any reasonable person would wonder how it got in there, whether it was clean or used, etc. I am sure you must have some unhappy and sick and, yes, horrified feeling co-workers who don’t think it’s harmless and hilarious. First step: apologize to them and make sure they understand that it was a clean napkin. Second step, do the same with your supervisor and convince him/her that it was bad judgment and it will never happen again. Third and most important step, when you meet with HR, don’t try to convince them that it was harmless and hilarious. Show that you are genuinely sorry, show that you understand why people might get upset, explain that you’ve already apologized to all concerned, and promise them it will never happen again. Be prepared for a written warning in your file, but don’t try to argue about it; it will only make matters worse.

Ginny Jin: Did it filter the coffee properly – million dollar question