I worked for Sunglass Hut selling these great sunglasses. This really obnoxious lady came in with her really obnoxious baby who wouldn’t stop crying. Neither of them would shut up. I let her try on about 2 dozen sunglasses and then she didn’t want to buy any after all that.

So as revenge, I let out an SBD (Silent But Deadly) fart point blank in her baby’s face (she was too tall). I had to make this worthwhile somehow right? The fart was definitely a 10. The fumes alone could stain the walls.

Anyway, this lady smelled it and reported me and got me suspended for 2 days without pay. I told my manager that I ate enchiladas and burritos for lunch and I couldn’t help it, but he didn’t care.

I want to sue them for punitive damages for $10,000. Do I have a case???

EPILOGUE: As retribution I make sure to gas all of the annoying customers I can.

sayhello…: If this is serious, which I doubt it is, then no, you can’t do anything to them. Maybe fart in their face again, but this time, hold up a lighter so it’s a flamethrower. That will teach her.

stenobra…: I don’t think you have a case.