When I was 1 year old, I got 1 present.
When I was 2 years old, I got 2 presents.
3 years, 3 presents; 4 years, 4 presents…
And so on.

So when I got to 18, my mom pulled this BS saying that I was an adult now, and she was just going to give me 2-3 presents because 18 was a little excessive. So I flipped out because that is not the deal and she gave me 18. Every year since then she’s been giving me a hard time about the number of presents she has to buy and I just tell her that’s too bad, and she’s the one who started this so now she has to finish it.

So in September I will be 35 and she’s pulling this crap again. She’s even trying to negotiate with me saying that instead of her getting me 35 presents she will get me a Mazda CX5 (which I like, but I like the new Ford Explorer better). So I said “Fine, but you still have to get me 34 other presents, so it’s going to be an expensive year for you.”

Now she’s saying that I have to choose between the car or 35 presents (I don’t know what they might be). But I’m saying that she already promised me the car, and she still has to get me 34 other presents too.

I’m just really effing pissed that she’s reneging on this deal and always trying to weasel out of her responsibilities. Suggestions?


Merci: Wow. Umm… I dont even know where to start! A) You’re flippin 34 years old GET OVER IT B) I dont think you realize how extremely spoiled you sound; seriously NO ONE gets 35 presents on there birthday- not even combined never mind from ONE person! C) Learn to be more grateful!!! Your moms buying you a frickin CAR!! You’re so flippin spoiled- think of all the things your mom has done for you in the past and this is how you repay her: with ignorance and ungratefulness. I sure hope you’re not married because it would a shame for anyone to have to put up with your kind of attitude.
Sincerely, A sane human being

Mike: she DOES NOT owe you any presents–poor kids get NONE, and with that attitude, you deserve NONE.
NoneFake: Troll. Your a adult,your mom doesn’t owe you presents.
Jim Paquette: You should get one present ata Christmas and you should get her a present for mothers day and Christmas
jessica: hahaha wow are you really that pathetic to type up something that long for attention lol? TROLLL